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What is objectivity?       

       Objectivity is when several immigrants rape local women and rob passers-by, and many citizens of this country demand eviction of all visitors and a ban on admission of new ones, and you say: "No! Not all immigrants are the same. There are some good ones among them. Let's punish specific criminals and violators, but do not close the way for all who need our help. "

       Objectivity is when several religious fanatics with the words "Allahakbar!" blow themselves up and random passers-by, and many people around the world begin to fear Muslims, calling for them to be limited in rights, and you say: "No! Not all Muslims are terrorists, most of them are good people. You can not treat all Muslims badly. "

       Objectivity is when cars with numbers of southern regions cut you off on the roads when swarthy guys do not follow the lines, when they try to deceive you, and many people around say that southerners are cunning, ill-bred, unscrupulous, and you say: "No! Not all Southerners are like that. There are also honest, modest, decent people among them, so all the southerners can not be despised and considered worse than we. "

       It is very important to always remain objective. Do not generalize the particular cases and do not label because of one person for all of his co-religionists, fellow tribesmen, friends, relatives.

       This is the only way to preserve justice.



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