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Private information on the Internet.       

       I could never understand the paranoics who are obsessed with the secrecy of their private lives, like they are some presidents or show business celebrities. And these people are zealously watching that even the commercial search engines do not learn about them.

       "God forbid, Google will remember what I was looking for on the Internet."

       "How can I make so Facebook won’t know which restaurants I visited?".

       "It is true that advertising companies overhear our conversations through the microphone of the phone and know what we are interested in?".

       And a lot of similar questions I had to hear from them.

       And I personally, on the contrary, only "for it".

       Let these electronic spies know everything about me. After all, thanks to them, if I was interested in cars, I get advertising for "Mercedes", not chewing gum. It is them who slip me the necessary information about computers, if I was interested in office equipment. And it’s them who shield me from advertising for women's cosmetics, because once upon a time I honestly confessed to them that I'm a man.

       What’s bad in all of that?

       After all, this is not the KGB or secret services. These commercial services that are not going to put us in jail for oppositional statements. They have only one task: to know better our preferences and " sell a pup" to us. Well and good! Let them try. They are not forcing me to buy anything. I decide what to buy. And they can offer anything. And it will be better, if they offered me something that I'm really interested in.

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